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Honoring Lefty Gardner and White Lightnin'

The first time you see a print done on canvas, using the method employed by David Mueller in reproducing his original works of art, you will be astonished. The look and feel of the Giclee canvas prints is so close to the original that it is difficult to tell them apart. If you are unfamiliar with art reproduced in this manner, the process produces prints — on canvas stock — that rival any original work of art in their beauty.

Owning original oil paintings is out of reach for many who might otherwise be able to enjoy the beauty of original artwork. With this series of limited edition (numbered) reproductions, David Mueller Giclee prints bring the look and feel of original art into your home or office at a price you can afford.

David Mueller has done amazing work painting some of the aircraft of our dreams. To learn about this printing process and the artist who created the works you see on these pages, please click on the link below. A new window will open, containing an interview by Dan Thompson, with artist David Mueller.

About The Artist

"Critical Mass" and "Rare Bear"
battle in DB Mueller's "Wanna Play"
"Critical Mass" Pilot, Tom Dwelle shows off the original oil painting of "Wanna Play?"

New Items in Military and Other Aviation

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